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"Life is the crucible." -Durzo Blint Life has been pretty… - "And Miles to go Before I Rest"
January 2nd, 2013
08:38 pm


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"Life is the crucible." -Durzo Blint

Life has been pretty stressful recently. New job demanding the world right now. Trying to impress grad schools. Deciding where to go to grad school. Soccer tryouts. Girlfriend. Cruise. Friends. It's been tough balancing it. Today at soccer I just moved the ball too soon every time. I was so jumpy and jittery. I want to be cool under pressure, but I was anything but. It's good to know it is only mental, and I can improve, but it feels like a pressure cooker. And I want to some decently hard schools and whatnot, but I don't remember being stressed like this. Busy and exhausted yes, but not so much pressure on me from internal and external.

Here's to 2013. I think I should do just fine. 

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