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Been awhile - "And Miles to go Before I Rest"
July 2nd, 2015
12:30 am


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Been awhile
8am Start with emails, down email service, so very delayed
9am run out to pick up laundry, leave for first appointment, forgetting hair product
10am arrive early, get hair product, coffee, get ready for appointment
1030am appointment for big customer that direct guy was/is trying to take from me. We were suppose to communicate, but he left me out of the latest developments entirely. I have to backswim while trying to show my relevance. I can answer a dynamics weighting model they have which gives me some credibility.
1130am I get a lunch
1230am still no reply on my 10,000 pc opportunity prototype that did not ship friday, and did not ship yesterday, and was supposed to ship today
Urgent appointment for some ballscrews
Urgent quote for another 10,000 pc opportunity
Get up to speed about the appointment that was taking direct, find out how unhelpful the other guy was
145pm As I am sending an email for the urgent new 10,000 opportunity my computer battery dies. fuck
Plug in, send email
Call again for update on important prototype. There is another goddamn snag. They don't know how to put them together. This is like staying up the night before an exam then realizing you don't know how to do it. DO IT FUCKING EARLY. ITS IMPORTANT. I don't know why they aren't spending 12 hours a day on just this project. It is that important. They finally ship it incomplete. Fucking incompetent.
300pm Appointment for another large order. Relay how late our factory is, push for advanced order, get pushback. I wanted to be smoother but had to get out the door for my next appointment.
322pm drive fast
352pm arrive for CCB just in time
425pm drive to meet mom
426pm call the direct guy to chat. Leave voicemail.
430pm Call to follow up the urgent quote for 10,000pc opportunity. My distributor says they are busy and will get to it in the morning. IT IS IMPORTANT. FUCKING DO IT RIGHT NOW
434pm get gas
435pm arrive with mom. Book plane ticket that is due today that I still haven't
503pm run into Dennis H. and still brief because I am just moving too fast. I need to calm down and have time for people.
See horse stable
Hang out with Josh and Megan and Connie and mom. Mind is racing too much to truly be present and engage in conversation. It's the last I get to see my mom for awhile. I am sad that it went by so fast and I didn't get to slow down. I'm too tired. And I'm still up late. I'm just trying to recharge however I can.
900pm everyone goes home
10:15 Get home, still angry from all day. need the gym
10:25pm leave to run to the gym
10:35pm at the gym, not done running, keep going faster.
Run 4 miles, end at the gym
11:06pm start the heavy lifting. A guy steals my 5 lb weights right off my bench while I was using them. What a dick. They were the only 5 lb weights around.
11:45 get back home. Kathryn wakes up, and I rub her.
Pack. Clash.
12:01am LJ. City Hall turns off from the devilish red it was glowing tonight. Incensing me further.
I still need to shower and nap.
Tomorrow we leave at 630am.
And miles to go before I sleep.

Rough day. Just every time I needed something, somebody drops the ball. I cursed a lot. So much incompetence.

Listening to: Mudvayne, Disturbed, Evanescence, Stone Sour

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