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2013 - "And Miles to go Before I Rest"
December 31st, 2013
09:03 pm


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Got much better at job
Got top place in soccer league
Swam with whale sharks
Scuba dove with sharks
Moved 3 times
K quit her job
K worked at 2 startups and the food non-profit
Read ~24 books
K lost 15 lbs
J lost 10 lbs
J incorporated his business
J got into business schools
K graduated from Grad School
K took the GMAT
5 new states and 1 new country for Kathryn
K met my whole family and my Ohio friends
K and I started playing tennis
I golfed 0 times
I got Diamond at Hilton and Gold at United
Great year in the stock market >30%
Won awards at work
B and KO bought places

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